Thursday, November 13, 2008

Benefits of Using Quality Nutritional Supplements

Most people are not aware of the tremendous benefits that can be obtained from being on a quality nutritional supplement program. People have questions about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the essential fatty acids; the most common question, "Why do I even need nutritional supplements?" However, if you knew what I know about the power of quality supplements, and the differences between various brands, you would NEVER go a day without supplementing your body with the health-promoting nutrients that I personally take.

What benefits can I expect by using quality nutritional supplements?

(info from MD Ladd McNamara)

True health! That's the bottom line. Quality nutritional supplements, if taken regularly, in proper doses and balance will help maintain your health and longevity along with a proper diet and exercise program.

If you smoked cigarettes you can expect more oxidative damage to the cells and organs throughout your body. Disease and death are increased and accelerated. The more you smoke, the longer you smoke, the more the risk of disease and death. Pretty simple to follow.

Just as simple to follow is that the proper use, doses, spectrum, and balance of quality nutritional supplements, that work the exact opposite on the cells and organs of your body as cigarettes, will help maintain your health more than you could possibly imagine; and certainly more than you've been told. With cigarettes you get disease and death mostly caused by oxidative damage. With nutritional supplements you can expect improvement and maintenance of health from many biological pathways, including the antioxidant effect.

One word of common sense; nutritional supplements are not a panacea. They cannot make up for a poor and negligent lifestyle. One should never expect to have true health simply by taking nutritional supplements. True health only comes through a combination of proper eating, avoiding toxic substances, regular exercise, and a properly balanced, quality nutritional supplement program. ALL these components are necessary. None can be eliminated if you want optimal health. Even then, there are no guarantees in life. Disease and death can come at any time no matter what we do. However, disease and death are less likely, and can be post-poned as long as possible by following the principles of TRUE HEALTH. That is our message, and our business.

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