Monday, December 7, 2009

Top Strategies for Eating Healthy

Strategies for eating healthier

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*** Focus on low-glycemic foods***
  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Eat the bulk of your carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch
  3. Take those vitamins with a glass of cranberry juice
  4. Take a multivitamin daily - and be sure it has have 800 units of vitamin D; add in 1 gram of fish oil as a capsule and also magnesium supplements
  5. Eliminate as much as reasonable all white flour, white rice, and potatoes - use brown rice and whole grain breads.
  6. Eat a cooked whole grain cereal or steel rolled oats when possible for breakfast (cold cereals are not comparable, even granolas).
  7. Use only low fat milk
  8. Peanut butter on a piece of 100% whole grain toast is a quick breakfast
  9. A couple of cups of coffee a day can be a good thing - even three or four (there are studies that show the benefits of coffee - but do not consume in large amounts)
  10. A snack during the day might be a handful of almonds (raw or at least not roasted in transfats)
  11. Use olive oil whenever feasible (canola is second)
  12. The more vegetables the better.
  13. Sweets only for special occasions - grab the dark chocolate if you have it handy
  14. Have fish as often as possible (see below)
  15. Blue cheese and other aged cheeses are better than processed cheeses
  16. Fat Calories are not necessarily bad - even if you want to loose weight - and may be better than an equivalent number of CHO calories

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