Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Six Tips for Better Health and Performance

I thought this this would be a pertinent topic to write a post on as most people are either striving to achieve healthier lifestyles or striving to achieve optimal performance in their sporting pursuits.

I have put together some tips which I believe that will help you kick-start your healthier lifestyle. You may already know a few of these tips, but hopefully there will be one or two that you can come away with.

  • Eat a well-balanced low-glycemic diet. The key here is to eat foods that do not spike your blood-sugar levels. White bread, for example, actually spikes your sugar-level faster than a spoonful of white sugar! You can check here for the low-glycemic information and tips provided by USANA.
  • For non-athletes - Exercise regularly, at least three times a week and 30 mins each time
  • Athletes - Follow a well-structured training program that incorporates adequate recovery sessions and rest days. If you currently do not have a structured training program or need motivation to follow-one, you can check out Training Peaks or contact me directly and I can help with some specific tips.
  • Introduce Multivitamins to your diet - expecially the intake of vitamin D. See the What's Up Usana site for important info on the Vitamin D in-take.  Also consider taking Grapeseed extract (Proflavonal 90), fish-oils (Biomega 3) and extra Active Calcium if you are looking to achieve optimal health and performance. The USANA Essentials is the recommended Multivitamin brand and the information about their content can be found here
  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily
  • Lastly, not least important, is SLEEP. It is extremely important that you are getting adequate sleep in each night. A minimum eight hours per day. Sleep enhances your recovery. Check this interesting online article about sleep as the "Best Budgeting You Can Do".  Pure Rest is a new dietary supplement that was launched by USANA recently and it contains 2.0mg of Melatonin which is a key in helping to provide restorative sleep. For detailed information on Pure Rest click here
The above six tips I provided, are by no means exhaustive but they do cover the basics of achieving your desired healthy lifestyle and performance in sport. You are welcome to leave some comments regarding your own view-points.

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