Saturday, April 4, 2009

REV 3 Energy drink

Energy drinks have made for an interesting discussion about whether they are good or bad for you. For the most part, the news about energy drinks is not positive as they do impact on your health in negative ways.

There was a very interesting article written by Katherine Ponder that appeared in last month's Direct Selling News "Buzz in the Biz: Energy Products Energize the Market,". USANA's Rev3 Energy™ is discussed along with several of the leading competing energy drinks in the marketplace.

According to Dan Macuga in his Usana blog, USANA is definitely on track with its energy drink. He also mentioned that it is imperative to remind ourselves about the fact there are so many energy drink choices on the market today and that USANA's REV 3 is establishing itself as a leading healthy alternative in the multi-billion dollar energy drink industry.

REV 3 contains no preservatives, artificial colors, flavours or sweeteners. The article by Katherine Ponder also points out that REV 3 contains "antioxidants, thermogenic agents, low-glycemic sugars and vitamins and minerals to support the body at the cellular level."

The majority of the article discusses ways in which direct-selling companies market their energy-drink products and Usana's Rev3 is already making an impact in what is a crowded marketplace, but its potential is enormous. One of the significant advantages that Usana's REV 3 has over big-name energy drink manufacturers and that is the ability to personalise REV 3 through people's network of friends and colleagues. The trust factor is there and it is very easy to make product demonstrations.

Katherine Ponder concludes in her article: "Direct sellers are undeniably in the energy product market. They’re taking advantage of the need for healthier alternatives, convenience, scientific testing and personalized marketing. This is absolutely a market that is set to continue its growth and continue shifting into new phases."


Anonymous said...

I don't normally like energy drinks, the sugar, chemicals or the crash but I LOVE Rev3. It's a great pick me up, great tasting & a good coffee replacement. Great for workouts or that afternoon slump.

Daniel said...

Definitely a good choice, how long have you been using REV 3 or Usana products?

cerasport1 said...

It may taste good and okay for a "pick me up" but its contents are NOT appropriate for workouts or sports hydration.

Daniel said...

Where is the proof that this drink is not suitable for workouts or sports hydration?